Hello Pals …..I hope that you are all doing fine and getting by as best as you can. I will be on a break and I won’t be posting nor reading any other blogs for a while, i am really sorry.Hopefully, on my break, I’ll be able to rekindle my love for writting and I’ll see you around, I’m not sure when, but I will surely be back .

Stay safe and be kind, it costs nothing. Many are struggling at the moment, stumbling and falling and it’s not always easy to see…I am truly grateful to everyone who follows ,likes and leaves a comment on Blog Mysticmine🌻.Thank you very much.I will be back ,i love you all.💥~Theodore Amahle Ndlovu~

Published by Teddydore💁‍♀️💖

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” The simplicity of life is just being yourself.” Join me on my blog where I'll be sharing informative information about Self improvement/Self-Hypnosis. . It's your girl Theodore Amahle Ndlovu💁‍♀️🌻🥂 . A platform where you can share and discuss your perspective on social issues;personal development (passions and ambition pursuing .💫

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