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If ever you chain my mortal body, shadows of redemption will rise to tell the secrets of your innermost chamber, for mirrors on the wall they are to my deepest thoughts.@Nwankwo Leviz I would climb up the peak and walk the knifes edge.Dive down into the depth from the highest ledge.Through me, you pass theContinue reading “HIDDEN CHAINS”

Many verses ,one universe.

The brightest atmosphere is the one with different specks of sparkles,daylight and twilight cascading diversity.Autumn and winter, spring and summer,exquisite expression of nature’s multiplicity.Nightwalkers and daydreamers, go-getters and sweet talkers,exceptional energies expressed differently. All men relish the rarity of the rainbow,It epitomises the splendour of diversity,with different shades of grace and glamoursuspended in grey andContinue reading “Many verses ,one universe.”

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