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Mystic Mine🌻

Latest from the Blog

If my love for you had a color, it would be the whole rainbow.🌈

Dear baby, There are still years until we meet, but already I’m busy writing you letters. (This is probably just one of a million times you’ll be reminded that your mom is a writer β€” I want to also remind you of how wonderful you are and to tell you that no matter what happens,…

Like an ocean, it goes up and down.

In this magnificent and sometimes tumultuous ocean called life, there will be distinct circumstances along the path, sometimes the exterior circumstances will be satisfactory for one and sometimes they will not be satisfactory and like a hit with a brick in the head it will hit us making us fall. Many trials of life will…


If ever you chain my mortal body, shadows of redemption will rise to tell the secrets of your innermost chamber, for mirrors on the wall they are to my deepest thoughts.@Nwankwo Leviz I would climb up the peak and walk the knifes edge.Dive down into the depth from the highest ledge.Through me, you pass the…

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